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We created this tool with the only purpose of increasing happiness of the human species. 
We want that no one is anymore forced to let his dreams die, just because he does not know anyone close to him, who shares that same dream.
We want that no one is anymore forced to live that specific life, defined for him by the random course of events, without any chance to change it. 

We want anyone to have the power to create a new beginning.

A bigbang! 

Anytime he wants to. 
Until he finds, close to him, all the people he needs. 
To change trajectory. Revive his dreams.
And smile again:
- Have you got a dream, a passion, a hobby? Would you like to find someone close to you to pursue it?
- Do you like to talk about a specific topic that your friends are not interested in? Would you like to meet someone in person to talk about it
- Is there a particular topic, or field, you would like to explore? Would you like to talk in person with someone more experienced than you?
- Would you like to go with someone to a specific event (concert, exhibition, projection…)?
- Do you feel like going out but none of your friends is available?
- Did you move to a news city? Would you like to meet and hang out with someone with whom you could have a real connection?
- Are you the creator or the organizer of a particular physical event (concert, exhibition, sporting event…)? Would you like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know new people who are interested in the event in order for them to go together to it?

…Today, with just three clicks you can create in your life a real Big Bang:
1. Think of something you care about
2. Pick a spot in your city, a date and time
3. Show up at the meeting and live your BigBang!

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