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 Tree for Life. Plant your tree 1.0.3

Revolutionize the environment with the Tree for Life App.
Tree for Life is a social networking platform and a community for environmentalists which encourages meditation and tree plantation. Through the TFL app you can make a change by tapping your fingers on a mobile screen. You could be the front runner who’ll be able to get billions of trees planted in the next thirty years.
An average of 13 billion trees are being cut every year, there’s an urgency about the endangered nature. With a tree plantation app for environmentalists, Tree for Life wants to gather pro environmentalists for a better world.
Get trees planted, get inspired, plant trees and meditate. We are an active and supportive community who’ll give points of appreciation at each point of success.
Be a part of an engaging community in the TFL app, where you can create forums, start discussions and contact other members. With a collective effort, we want to share resources to reduce the world hunger, eradicate poverty, spread positivity and awareness.
How does the TFL app work?
1. Share your experiences and knowledge on the forums: Truth, trust, loyalty and tolerance.
2. You’ll start your Tree for Life journey with a fixed number of points of appreciation.
3. Gain points on your posts from other active members of the community.
4. Give points of appreciation to other people’s posts.
5. Your tree grows and starts bearing fruits with the increase in points. Level up as you progress further.
6. Level 1
• Start sharing your knowledge and experience on the forums.
• Create your tree and make it bear fruits 4 times according to 4 seasons of a year.
• Add people with your level of thoughts to your groups for the next level where you can add your own values.
Level 2
• Tree for life will start working on your real tree plantation in the given county.
• Create your own forums and start sharing your knowledge, experience and awareness with the community.
• You’ll start benefiting with the Tree for Life app as your tree will be personified and guide you in matters like knowledge, health, wealth and other needs in life.

Level 3
The personified tree will now reap you rewards on a regular basis through the TFL app. The self-help app will be beneficial in your life.
What will you achieve/gain?
1. Rejuvenation of nature
2. Fresher air
3. Therapy
4. Peace of mind
5. Better health
6. Rewards
7. Knowledge
8. Economical help
With the next updates we intend to add more levels and make the whole experience more rewarding. We’re here for tree plantation as our users rejoice.

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