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 SwiftTapp – Launch Workflows & Shortcut Launcher 1.2

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Spectacular, one-of-a-kind app launcher that not only launches apps quickly but also opens certain features within the apps (example: open Instagram camera, Preset WhatsApp message, Play a particular song, Preset maps direction, Call preset contact etc.). SwiftTapp gives you total control to customize patterns to launch those apps or intents so that only you know which patterns launch what action. The main idea behind SwiftTapp is to stop the use of hand-held phones while driving. Get those daily phone tasks much easier and smoother with a single swipe or tap.

Secure, quick app launcher that will customize the way you use your iphone and impressively increase your productivity.

SwiftTapp offers 2 unique app launch functionalities that will help you use your iPhone faster and smarter! It is the only app out there that offers app launching with patterns so only you know the path of each one. Besides that, it is the only app that offers launching some specific features within an app, see examples bellow.

SwiftTapp differs from any similar app launcher because it lets you setup opening of specific app feature. See some examples bellow:
- Launch Instagram Camera, or Facebook Events
- Launch a song integrated into iTunes library
- Preset a written Whatsapp message to be sent
- Launch a specific Youtube channel
- Launch a particular URL, not just Safari
- Launch GPS maps with preset destination
- Launch a particular youtube channel
- Play a particular song within your iTunes library
- and much more…

1. Set up a pattern (one dotted pattern is compatible as well)
2. Link it to the app or the app intent that you want to be launched
3. Save the pattern & Done! You may edit or delete the pattern at any time.

SwiftTap features:
- 2 unique app launch capabilities
- Launches app with patterns
- Can launch app features directly (Play particular song, Call preset number, GPS Direction, Quick Tweet…)
- Up to unlimited patterns and customizations through in-app purchases
- Light and intuitive
- Free to download
Simplify your daily life with SwiftTapp.

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