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 Phone Number in Words 1.0.2

Seen those commercials on TV where the businesses advertise their phone number and they always have a catchy word or phrase mixed into their number? For Example 1-889-758-6237 maps to 1-889-PLUMBER, makes them much easier to remember and a lot more fun than just a sequence of numbers.

This can be done due to the Phone Key Pad number to letter assignment which can be seen on any phone or keypad.

2 maps to A/B/C
3 maps to D/E/F
and so on.

Find phone numbers that can be mapped to words and terms. Can go through your contacts and see which of them have numbers or part of their numbers mapped to words. Share your finds with them.

There are a few operations that can be chosen from to get different kinds of assignments. Each number could have many solutions and one can play around with the combination of words found

Don’t just restrict it to use with phone numbers of your contacts, use it for any numbers but using the Number input mode and typing one in. Try out birthdays, license plates, employee ids, a new phone number you want to get, whatever, anything you want to remember.

Or maybe you are looking for a new phone number for yourself or a business. Type in a related word or sequence of words and see what numbers it maps too, maybe it is available. Or just play around with the word(s) to number functionality.

The app has a list of all the country phone dialling codes. Look for some interesting mappings. Also has a list of all the North American area codes.

The words used are from a dictionary. There is also a list of extra (non dictionary) words/terms built in that if one can select to be used in the matching. These are the following

* First Names
* Last Names
* Countries
* Cities
* Companies
* Acronyms

By default these are not included in the search. Is there that special term that you have in mind but is not in the dictionary or any of the provided sets above? If so one can add this to the user extra words

'36569', I mean 'Enjoy' :-)

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