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 FaceCards - Memorize People's Names 1.0.1

What is that person's name? Have you ever seen someone and recognized the person but can’t remember his or her name. This happens to everyone. Now you can improve your name recall ability by using FaceCards. All you need is a picture of that person. With this app you take their picture, enter their name, and then you will be challenged – or quizzed – periodically. This will help make it easier to remember people’s names. Try it out!

Challenges are spaced out at intervals according to how well you remember the person’s name. The challenge screen will present you with a picture and ask you to recall that person’s name. The better you remember the name, the less frequently you will be quizzed on him or her. If you indicate to the app that you are having trouble remembering the name, the challenge notification for that person will appear more frequently. For people you are having trouble remembering, the interval will be from five minutes to one hour. If you are good at recalling the name, the interval will increase quickly to one day and then many days the better you get at remembering that person’s name.

You should be able to remember many, many names using this technique!

FaceCards’ features:

• ability to store the person’s phone number and free-form notes along with their name and photo
• import people from your address book
• take or add multiple pictures of the person to vary the challenges – add photos from your phone’s Photo Album
• all pictures taken in the app are saved to your Photo Album and are tagged with GPS coordinates
• sort people by name, due date, or your recall ability
• the interval between challenges and your recall ability are calculated automatically; you can also adjust them yourself
• a do not disturb setting so challenges will not get scheduled during that time period
• save the person to your address book with the share button

On the Edit screen for a person, tap the Share button to save to your address book, or to send the person to someone else via a text message or an email. The name, ‘featured’ photo, phone number, and notes will be shared.

The Demo mode supports up to 10 people. An in-app purchase allows Unlimited People.

If you have questions, feedback, or problems with the app, please visit the app's page at www.EdwardsApps.com/FaceCards, or write an email to: steveedwardsapps@gmail.com

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