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 Tuunix tuntileimaus 1.2.1

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Tuunix Worktime app is used to punch in the start and end of the work time. Work can be addressed to a project or a customer easily. It is suitable for freelancers, single-person companies and small and medium-sized businesses. Really easy to use and works right from out of the box!

The program includes ready-to-use lists for payroll, billing attachment, and project monitoring. All recorded work hours are not left unbilled and project tracking is easy.

Invoice attachment listing is also easy and developed into an advanced level so that in your billing program only one line is needed “Jobs as Annex, x hours"

Tuunix Worktime can be also used with web browser. The data is stored in the cloud. Offline support is currently only for storing one event at the time.
Supports barcode readers as well as rfid readers (keyboard-emulating models)

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