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 Pocket Calendar 2.0

This calendar in the form of a Pocket Calendar accesses all of their calendars, and provides a week clearly portraying the calendar you can choose to make new records, delete records or change. In the weeks you can navigate back and forward. In addition, the birthdays of the next 30 days and will be displayed in the week. Furthermore, Holidays, school holidays, moon phases. This you can enter by .iCal file in your calendar.

- Select one calendar or several calendars
- Presentation of the current or any other weeks
- Access to all the calendars
- Save the last selected calendar
- New, edit appointments, delete
- Simple, quick delete appointments
- Birthdays the next 30 days (or all sorts)
- Birthdays in the calendar week
- Display of the week number
- Display of weekday, e.g. [Mo.31]
- Home button to navigate to this Week
- Bookmarks to display the current week
- Navigation in the weeks forward and back
- Turn Over Animation
- Go to Date
- Notes
- Leap year, day of year, time
- Landscape mode

- 1st Weekday: Mon or Sun
- 24h or 12h display
- Holidays, School Holidays, Moonphases (iCal)

From the windows of public holidays, school holidays and moon phases, you can send the data as. iCal file. In the e-mail program to open this file and add the data to one of their calendar.

Shows the birthdays from contacts as sorted list with name, birtdaydate, age, days until birthday. A special case are the birthdays from the note field. Save more birthdays in a contact note field in this format (#dd.MM.yyyy#Name#), e.g.:

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