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 nTRIVIA 1.1.2

- nTRIVIA is the 1st voice enabled free trivia app.
- Your commutes could now be actually enjoyable
- nTRIVIA is the gen-next voice assisted fun trivia quiz
- Suitable for any age group
- Do long hours of travel get you down?
- Is your road trip loaded with quiet?
- Do you have to drive long, often and alone?

Now you can defeat that monotony with nTRIVIA!
Play nTRIVIA, relax and have fun!

How it works
* Download nTRIVIA-free voice-activated trivia app from your mobile play store or app store
* Allow access to microphone when prompted by the free voice-enabled trivia quiz app
* Choose category to start voice enabled quiz
* You are ready to play trivia quiz
* Hear questions and the possible answers read out
* Say right answer from given options
* You will hear applause if you answer right or know if you got it wrong
* Correct answer will be read out in case you got it wrong
* After every ten questions, you will know the score

It is also a #LoginFreeQuizApp which you can play anywhere and anytime without deviating from your ongoing work.This quiz app will provide an outstanding opportunity to exercise your brain and thus, boost your imagination and IQ!

It’s a top quiz free voice trivia game where the voice integration feature is used prominently towards smooth answering your queries.Whether you are on your travel,drive for the job, or on a road journey, nTRIVIA voice-enabled trivia app helps to entertain you and others in the car in a fun and interactive way.

In simple words, it’s a #FunFamilyTriviaApp where both kids and adults can use this voice quiz game app to entertain themselves during their leisure times and can enhance their intelligence about and around the world. Unlike several other #TriviaContests, nTRIVIA can be played anytime.

This #VoiceTriviaOfflineGame is a collection of various #FunTriviaQuiz questions and answers.Currently, it focuses on trivia questions on different segments like sports, movies and GK (General Knowledge).

The #VoiceTriviaQuestions and mostly the answers will be on the trending subjects from each of the category.You can find thousands of quiz questions in its question bank.New questions and topics will be added constantly to this voice trivia gk quiz app. So you will never be tired of nTRIVIA to test your general knowledge (GK) awareness.So, now it’s a challenge of how many questions you can answer right?

nTRIVIA free voice-activated trivia app features:

1.nTRIVIA app lets you play our FREE, fun trivia game anytime & anyplace!
2.It’s a #MultipleChoiceGame.
3.It’s a login #FreeFunTriviaGameApp so that you can play generously.
4.Each trivia segment has featured challenging but funny questions, so there’s something for players to acquire depth of knowledge while also having fun.
5.Test your knowledge across three main trivia categories: TV & Film, Sports & General Knowledge (GK).
6.Under the GK segment, you will have the trending topics around the World, Music, Literature, History & Society, Science & Technology and Sports & Leisure.
7.It’s enormous scope for learning: Various informative topics for those who want to polish up on their brainpower and perception.
8.It’s a #voiceQuizGameForAdults and for kids as well.
9.It’s a great chance to sharpen your mind: Answer each question with your best shot. Some of the questions are easy, but others will take some time.

Enjoy the challenge!

Please share this app with your friends and family and have fun!

Thank you!

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