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 Impact Now 2.1

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Impact Now is an app designed specifically for members of B1G1, the global business giving initiative.

B1G1 helps businesses around the world give back in meaningful ways, embedding effective giving in the things they do everyday. Imagine if every time a café sells a cup of coffee, someone in need receives access to life-saving water. Or every time an accounting firm creates a new client, a disadvantaged child receives access to education…

Impact Now makes it even easier for B1G1 business members and their teams to incorporate giving activities in their everyday business and lifestyle activities.

You can say “every time we sell x, we give y” and report the giving on the move. Or you can create personal Giving Stories like “every time I drink a cup of tea, I give access to water to one person”. Simply tap on your phone to add to your giving when you take this action.
Imagine creating giving habits and impacting lives just by doing what you normally do.

All the giving you record via this app gets added to your giving cart. You can be smoothly transferred to B1G1’s mobile site to complete the payment later.

If you are a B1G1 business member, this is a great app to share with your team members so that everyone can be part of the overall giving activities as a team. Give ‘admin’ access to selected team members so they can record your company’s giving as it happens (e.g. As you sell products, you add more giving to your cart.)

The B1G1 community has created more than 100 million giving impacts to date. This is an amazing collective achievement. We are so grateful for all our members who give regularly. We hope this app will make it easier for you to give even more effectively.

If you are not yet a member of B1G1 and are interested in the initiative, please go to www.b1g1.com for more information.

Thank you for checking out this app!

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