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 Egyptian Industries Directory 3.39

Directory of Egyptian Industries - since 1998

The first specialized directory on Egyptian industries. The directory is published after updating its data annually since 1998. The directory contains the data and information of Egyptian factories such as names, addresses, telephones, mobiles, factory faxes, Contains the names of officials and decision-makers as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Directors General and Directors of marketing, sales, export, and procurement also contains the e-mail and websites of each factory in all the following industrial sectors:
Manufacturing of industrial equipment, alarms, fire fighting and theft - Electricity, cables, lighting and electronics industry - Manufacture of electrical appliances and household appliances - Refrigeration and air conditioning industry and their feeder industries - Manufacture of cars, vehicles and feeder industries - Food industries - Chemical industries - Manufacture of industrial detergents, soap and disinfectants - Manufacture of paints, paints, dyes and love Manufacture of insulating materials, construction chemicals, fibers, refractories, feed industry, fertilizers, pesticides, and petrochemicals. Manufacturing of plants and chemicals. Water treatment. glass and its products. Manufacturing of medical and industrial gases. Manufacture of medicines, medical supplies, and cosmetics. Plastic industries. Food industry - leather industry - tanning - wood and furniture - textile industry, furnishings and ready-made garments - construction industry and building materials - marble and granite - packaging - oil and mining industry.
And in all the cities and industrial areas of the following:
10th of Ramadan City, 6th of October City, Sadat City, Borg El Arab City, Badr City, Obour City, Abu Rawash City, Shoubra El Kheima City, Greater Cairo City, Giza City, El Qanater City, Alexandria City, Fayoum City, The city of Quesna - the new city of Salhia - the city of the great Mahalla - the cities of Upper Egypt - Canal cities - the area of ​​orchards - the area of ​​artisans - the area of ​​Tebbin - the bridge of Suez - the region of Shaq al-Thaaban cities and other regions ..... In addition to the individual factories scattered throughout the Republic.
The directory has gained its reputation at the local and international levels since its issuance and has gained the confidence of the customers due to the accuracy of the data and the abundance of information contained in the manual, where the data is updated and it became the first reference directory and source of basic information for businessmen, investors, factories inside and outside Egypt.
This information has been categorized and produced by all available technological means. It is published in print, on CD, and through the Internet, And on mobile applications, in Arabic and English languages, in order to communicate with customers at any time and anywhere, giving the opportunity to increase the volume of investments and increase the definition of Egyptian industries and products. Egyptian markets and opening them inside and outside Egypt.
In order for the customer to communicate with the directory from Egypt or anywhere in the world and can get what he wants from the information about the factories in Egypt, the program is equipped with information on the Mobile application in Arabic and English languages ​​and information has been classified on the Internet through the Web application Internet through the link: www.egyptianindustry.com
as well as equipped with a CD that contains a special program to ensure the ease of advanced search and mobility between information and information is located in the book 1500 pages printed luxury and paved with the latest ways to ensure easy search can be searched through the city or Industrial area, industrial sector, factory name, factory activity or product name to complete the vision in an integrated reference on Egyptian industries.


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