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 Connexion 2.5.2

Connexion, which is a private communication platform developed for companies, offers an effective communication environment for employees, branches, service points , briefly for business partners.

By Connexion, information, news, announcements or notifications can be prepared and published in a few minutes. As being prominent alert, it is delivered with 100% guarantee to identified receivers at definite time and the acknowledgement is reported at once.

Connexion, which meets instant informing needs, also involves systematic working. Through daily training, quizes, exams or surveys giving instant results, it enables companies to execute their plans and strategies easily in a constant changing environment.


* Speed
Creating a message, delivering it and getting results take just minutes by Connexion. Connexion offers catching the speed of change and competitive advantage. Organisations speed up.

* Productive time
Connexion reduces the number of meetings and travelling, stops time wasting and makes the time productive.

* High efficiency
Easy utilisation of enriched audio, picture, video and animation formats provide high efficiency in learning, understanding and perception.

* Reducing costs
By increasing productivity through speed, productive time and high efficiency, Connexion reduces spending on meeting, travelling, and learning & development activities; makes savings.

* Awareness
Connexion allows announcing the events such as new products and campaigns, successful sales, happy customers and as a result it increases the awareness of sales & marketing staff, branches, agents and stores.

* Enterprise Communitiy and Engagement
Connexion enables widespread employees and business partners to recognize each other and become closer with childbirth, marriage and birthday messages and news. It creates a sound social networking within the company by organizing riddles such as brain stretching, score games and contests.

Connexion creates a team with increased engagement by the way automatically remembering the private days such as birthdays, starting dates of employment and anniversaries that are important for individuals.

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