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 Cavrnus Spaces 2020.3.0

Cavrnus Spaces is the world's easiest and most intuitive spatial visualization and collaboration platform. Cavrnus Spaces enables customers to build and share immersive and interactive 3D environments such as virtual conference rooms, virtual workshops, virtual stores, virtual classrooms and any other reproduction of a 3D space real or imagined.

The solution consists of voice, video and screen share (video conferencing), plus a spatial collaboration environment. All parts of Cavrnus Spaces run on local client machines and on the web. Multiple users can join the virtual environments from any physical location and can enjoy true cross-platform support out-of-the-box with Cavrnus Spaces.

Cavrnus Spaces is a complete communications and collaboration platform for training and education, operations, planning and engineering, and sales. Participants share a virtual spatial workspace populated with multiple sources of 2D and 3D digital data. This new spatial context transforms how people engage, interact and learn from data, the environment, machines and each other.

Cavrnus Spaces features include multi-user co-presence across any device, workspace persistence, and the ability to export materials changes made to 3D objects. Plus, participants can export annotations made on 3D objects, white boards, video boards, image boards, pdf boards and stream boards.

Modify and script 3D objects to dream of new simulation solutions in real-time. Every action is journaled, enabling new paths to be quickly explored and pushing responsibility to the fore with a record of approvals and changes.

Performance and security are built into the core of Cavrnus Spaces. Data transfers and content are optimized to deliver a great experience on any device connected to any network. Protecting data is a priority for Cavrnus Spaces, so we encrypt everything and offer custom levels of permissions.

3D is made simple with the ability to ingest, convert and create from CAD, photogrammetry and point cloud scans in over 30 formats.

A true platform with groundbreaking features that reimagine workflows in more human terms without needing to be a 3D, programming, or IT expert.

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