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 Akrreo 1.2

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With @KRREO you obtain TOTAL CONTROL over the materials, carriers, and haulings made at your construction project.

We have made substantial improvements to our app, which include the following:

-We have improved login security, now you will need site number and code as well as username and password, additionally, you will have the options to use the device biometrics;

-The user can now select the timeout for the app before it signs the user out;

-New UI/UX that will allow better visualización thanks to its new icons and relevant data on the screen as well as contrasting colors that were thought based on the intense sun.;

-You will be able to look in the device the truck tags, date, time and if taken, the picture taken as the ticket is generated;

-You will have a list of generated tickets, not synched, in your device with the ability to view details and re-print;

-Ticket printing now can include your company’s logo and will also include relevant information like ticket clerks location, material, truck tags, cubic meters generated in the trip, date, time and ticket number as well as its respective barcode to facilitate reconciliation with the hauler.

-New & advanced code that improves synching and communication with Star Micronics printers.

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