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 AbaSmart 3.24

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AbaSmart - ERP goes mobile

AbaSmart from ABACUS is the innovative way for future-oriented companies have access to their information and data anytime, anywhere over the Internet via iPad.

Report and Management Cockpits
A wide range of reports, lists or management cockpits which can be prepared directly from ABACUS Business Software are available at the touch of a fingertip. Through Internet-based technology, the user has access to the most current data from ABACUS Business Software, clearly prepared and presented. If no Internet connection is available, AbaSmart will automatically load the most recently updated information.

Tasks and Messages
The integrated ABACUS Messaging Systems makes it possible for users to communicate with each other directly in ABACUS Business Software. Using custom PDF forms, tasks and messages can be filled out from the iPad and sent back to the software.

To record services and activities in the easiest way possible, ABACUS has developed the Timeline. Entries on the Timeline are automatically read into the Business Software, eliminating duplicated data entry. It is also possible to enter additional information for an entry such as pictures, videos, voicemails, notes or geographic coordinates and directly file these in the corresponding dossier in ABACUS Business Software.
Using the Timeline allows the following Business Cases to be elegantly carried out:
Project / Service Entry
With mobile service entry employees can enter the time worked, expenses and mileage on projects. Time-consuming and costly reviews can be avoided.

Service Orders
With AbaSmart the technician has access to all relevant information such as error messages, customer information and priorities.
The integrated service entry allows service employees to enter their mileage and repair time quickly and simply via the Timeline. Required consumption and spare parts can be selected from article catalogue on the iPad and entered.

The PDF checklists are displayed on AbaSmart and can be filled out directly by the service technician.
The technician records the service rendered, obtains the signature of the customer and the job is complete. The protocol is automatically stored in the ERP system and the items are generated.
The mobile process simplifies the settlement and provides transparency.

Address and Contact Entry
Contacts that are saved in the Apple address book, potential customers or prospects can be entered before, during or after a the customer visit and transferred to the ABACUS address base. Existing addresses and contacts are recognized during the duplication verification and merged with the transferred data.

Activity Entry
Customer or marketing-specific activities based on activity types (e.g. offers, quotes, reviews) can be recognized and transferred to existing ABACUS addresses.

Visa Process
Approving Accounts Payable documents using the iPad is simple, time saving and mobile.

Holiday approval on the iPad
A centrally-managed ABACUS calendar makes entering and approving holiday applications at any time quick and easy.

The AbaSmart iPad App provides the ABACUS user an innovative and efficient tool which decisively changes working with ABACUS Business Software.

ABACUS vi - The future of business software.

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