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 GeoKey Navigation 1.0.4

At PlanetXY, we divided the world up into 1 meter squares and gave each square, a unique GeoKey (R). A GeoKey (R) is a 16 letter-long, 4 word-group that identifies each and every square meter on the planet, land, see or air. This means your mailbox has a GeoKey(R), your front door, and your driveway too.

Have you ever had trouble going back to a favorite spot on the beach or in the countryside? Use this app to not only store and name the location, but also navigate to it using either Apple or Google Maps! Ever tried navigating to a location in a foreign country? Never get lost or confused again, just use the GeoKey(R) app to plan your journey, and safely navigate to the location using GeoKeys(R)- not the hard-to-figure address or confusing coordinates- just the GeoKey(R)!

Some GeoKeys(R) are words you know, some are made up, some are convenient key combinations. Either way, A GeoKey(R) is quick, precise, and easy to enter.

GeoKeys help consumers and businesses in every possible way:
Navigating to places where mailing addresses do not exist or are hard to find.
Share GeoKeys with people to let them know where you are, your car is, or where you buried the treasure!
Send a delivery to a specific point using the GeoKey
Tell a taxi driver in any country, in any language where you need to go.
Please visit our website @ GeoKey.xyz or https://planetxy.com to sign up for free, and to start finding locations, generating and storing their GeoKeys!
GeoKey(R) is a registered trade mark

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