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 Carcorder Lite (Dashcam) 5.0.8

Carcorder is a professional app for recording your trips(Driving Recorder). It integrates video recording, GPS, routing, over speed warning and augmented reality into a powerful package.

##### IMPORTANT #####
Lite Version Limit:
1. Only provides 500M and 1GB storage options to video recording
2. Only provides 1 minute and 3 minutes recording length
3. Does not have manual focus options and file lock feature
4. Does not have routing and augmented reality function
5. Can only record 3 videos, does not have continuous recording mode
6. Only provides 352x288 and 480x320 resolution options
7. Does not have video lock function
8. Limit 20 minutes use in every day.

Carcorder Pro version provides more powerful function.

##### Product Features #####

1.Set fixed focus, fixed focus after first focus, continuous autofocus, and manual focus options.

2.Set continuous recording quotas to conserve space

3.Switch between different recording resolutions (Highest support to 1080P)

4.Switch between main camera and FaceTime camera (iPhone 4~7+)

5.Automatically saves data when excessive acceleration is detected. The sensitivity can also be set.

6.Provide over speed warning from user setting.

7.Save accelerometer data for three seconds leading up to and following excessive acceleration

8.Provide set a predetermined phone number in case of an acceleration event(Emergency call).

9.Set the outgoing phone number and delay time when an accident has happened.

10.Video replay and simultaneous route history viewing

11.Set video recording length

12.Choose Enable/Disable voice recording

13.Autosave video when receiving a call. When app returns from background, recording recommences automatically (Note 1)

14.Switch between map views(with camera preview),and support apple and other map display mode(iOS6 and above).

15.Export videos( .Mov) or GPS log( .Log) data to your computer via iTunes

16.Capture an image from video replay,and can save it to camera roll.

17.For captured image,provides Brightness,Contrast,Saturation and Sharpness effect.

18.Save video to camera roll and can embedded GPS log(use compression algorithm to integrate and saves storage space) to video(Note 2), and send via email, SMS, or Youtube

19.Conserve battery life by setting auto dim and no preview behavior.

20.Provides navigation mode, locked mode, and direction of movement mode for mapping.

21.Shows current GPS location error, allowing you to know how precise your location data is.

22.Provides plans routes.(Note 3)

23.Save addresses or import from your Contacts for easier routing. Also supports lookup of current geo coordinates.

24.Uses Augmented Reality to show the distance between current position and destination(120 field of view)

25.Professional and friendly user interface, supports Retina display

##### Note #####
1.iOS apps are not allowed to record video while in background. When you are in recording mode and return from background, the app will automatically start recording. Also, switching the app to background will cause the video to be saved

2.Please check has enough system free space and iPhone's Settings->Privacy->Photos ->open "Carcorder" option.

3.This feature requires an internet connection

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