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 Pose Maker Pro - Art poser app 1.101

It is not easy to find reference photo of pose that is just right for your needs. With Pose Maker Pro you can create that pose you are looking for! It's much more convenient and you can look at the models from any angle you want.

With Pose Maker Pro you can pose realistic human models, manga style models and animals (horse, dog and cat). Poser app is easy to use; It works like magic!

Create unique characters!
Create thousands of unique characters with our powerful morphing system. Our base male and female models comes with hundreds of individual morphs, that allow you to create your own truly unique characters by using sliders. You can transform your model from child to an adult, skinny to muscular or make it fat, pregnant, creature etc.

Manga style characters
Our anime style characters comes with different head to body ratio and includes basic clothing and hair. You can change the models facial expressions; they eyes, mouth and brows are individually transformable.

Boost your creativity!
Import background images to really bring your scene to alive! Choose your image from your device photo gallery, set it scale and rotation and you are good to go.

Enrich your scenes with animals.
Now you can add posable animals to the scene. App comes with horse, dog and cat models.

Pose Maker Pro is an ideal poser app for character designing, as human drawing guide, for illustrations or storyboarding, or anyone who wants to focus on improving their drawing skills.

Key features:
- pose unlimited amount of character and props in single scene (*)
- realistic male and female models with various clothing and hair (**)
- create thousands of unique characters with our powerful morphing system
- male and female manga characters with different head to body ratio(***)
- basic clothing for manga characters (***)
- toon drawing effect for manga characters(****)
- change manga characters facial expressions
- posable horse, dog and cat models(****)
- import background images to enrich your scene and boost your creativity(****)
- three point lighting with adjustable intensity and colour.
- export scene as png to photo gallery(****)

- Select between traditional slider controls and rotation torus widget. Remember to change the rotation widget scale and thickness in settings to your liking.

* Lite version: Two per scene
** Lite version: Only male model with limited clothing and hair
*** Lite version: Only 1:6 female model with limited clothing and hair
**** Pro only feature

You can unlock more features by watching an ad (morphing and manga facial expressions). Unlock Pro version for a small fee.

List of available clothing:

Pro version:

-Straight pants
-Dress shirt
-Sport shoes
-3 x shoes
-3 x hair

-Sport bra
-Bikini top
-Bikini bottom
-Mini shorts
-Capri leggings
-Crop top
-Tank top
-3 x shoes
-Sun glasses
-5 x hair

Manga female:
-Mini dress
-Tank top
-3 x shoes
-4 x hair

Manga male:
-Long sleeve shirt
-3 x shoes
-3 x hair

Lite version:

-Sport shoes
-1 x hair

1:6 female manga character:
-2 x hair

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