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 PHNX Password Manager 2.0.0

From now on, simply memorize one master password and have the passwords for your internet accounts generated anew.

PHNX is a password manager that conveniently manages the passwords for all your accounts “from A for Amazon to Z for Zalando“, and stores them securely in a vault on all your mobile devices. The PHNX Password Manager creates complex and totally secure passwords which can even be changed for you in an automated process for a constantliy increasing number of internet accounts. What’s more, you can, of course, also store other confidential data in your vault: account details, credit card information, Wi-Fi access and telephone codes such as PINs and PUKs.

Download the PHNX password manager right now to provide your data with the necessary security.


• Made in Germany – programmed according to high German security and data privacy standards and based on decades of specialist experience in password management in a very demanding business customers environment.
• The “password generator“ feature creates secure random passwords for all your accounts.
• You can have the passwords for some of your portals replaced with “fresh“ ones semi-automatically; the number of websites allowing that is being increased constantly.
• You can reset the master password, if necessary, using an extremely secure procedure with our innovative authentication algorithm. Only PHNX does that.
• The password vault with AES 256-bit encryption works for multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. The AES 256-bit encryption is currently the highest globally recognized standard for the encryption of sensitive data.


• No more guilty conscience that your accounts might not be secure enough.
• High security: You can use as many different and complex passwords as you want without having to memorize them.
• And best of all: PHNX is extremely easy and convenient to use.


Automated password change
Complex passwords can be created randomly and changed semi-automatically on selected portals – usually at the simple click of a button. You can, of course, determine the timing for password renewal yourself or set a timer. No more outdated passwords!

Uniqe: Master password reset
Like a vault, PHNX is only accessible with a special key - the master password. You can reset it, if necessary, using a pre-selectable combination of several “spare keys”. Only PHNX does that.

AES 256-bit encryption is currently the highest globally recognized standard for the encryption of sensitive data.

Password generator
Arbitrarily complex passwords are generated in a way both secure and compliant to legal data protection requirements. As PHNX manages the passwords, these no longer need to be short, “pronounceable“ or easily memorized. The password generator ensures that the passwords created are always complex, secure and independent of each other.


Leading international companies with high security requirements have been trusting TESIS SYSware for three decades with their password and access management. We want to fulfill the highest quality and customer standards in future too. That's why we are already working on pioneering solutions for tomorrow to continue to meet increasing demands in security and password management.

FAQs: https://phnx.rocks/faq-help-feedback/?lang=en
Terms of Use: https://phnx.rocks/terms-of-use/?lang=en

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