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 NoiseLab 1.0.5

NoiseLab is a professional noise meter APP developed by ZKXY (member of BSWA Group). It turns your iOS device into a professional acoustical analysis meter, precisely measures the sound pressure level and the frequency characteristic around you. For acoustic engineers to comply with IEC and ASTM standards, it is essential to use external soundcard and microphones. MicW i437 microphone is recommended to use in high-precision measurement, and i437 can be purchased in Amazon and other web-shops online.

- Support the built-in Microphone and the external microphone, the latter has 3 gains to choose.
- Measurements of any combinations of Filter Z, A, B, C and Time detector Fast, Slow and Impulse simultaneously. 3 profiles results can be shown simultaneously
- The system can be calibrated by using sound calibrators with 94 dB and 114 dB at 1000 Hz, or manual input of calibration factor.
- Measured time history of sound pressure level can be saved into the list of history report and easily export to computer and send by email.
- Calculate and show the Current and integral Octave analysis results
- Octave result can be saved, and max 3 previous Octave results can be shown to compare.

About BSWA Group:
Established in 1998, BSWA Group has twenty years of experiences in developing and manufacturing acoustical measurement instruments. BSWA’s products are distributed in over 40 countries through sales partners, covering the businesses of:
- Manufacturing the world class measurement microphones
- Developing acoustic measurement systems and devices
- Designing and building anechoic chambers
- Acoustical consulting for environmental and noise control projects.
More information about BSWA Group for acoustic devices and advice please visit our website: www.bswa-tech.com.

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