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 LinkBridge - Share links easy 1.0.2


We are the LinkBridge team. Our service helps to quickly transfer links from your phone to any device with Internet access.

Has it happened that you need to pass a complex link to a stranger? For example, a link to gdrive, which you can’t type or say aloud.

It would be great simply send the link.

There is Linkbridge for this.

Here's how to do it:

1) On the device where you want to send the link, open our website

2) Using our application, scan the QR code on the device of the recipient

3) Insert the link you want to transfer in Linkbridge app.

Done! And you don't need to download anything or log in.

Now that we’ve figured out how LinkBridge works, let's look at scenarios when our service would be useful.

First of all, LinkBridge can be used to transfer links to an unfamiliar device. It can be someone’s else phone, tablet or computer. So you can transfer the presentation link on the hackathon if you are not broadcasting it from your computer. Or you can share your stackoverflow solution with your roommate.

We also see the possibility of using the service with our PC. You may find it unnecessary to clog up messages with yourself and leave traces of activity on social networks.

If you use Smart TV, then you are familiar with the problem of an inconvenient way to enter text. We suggest finding a link to a site with a movie or series on your phone, and then quickly and easily transfer it to TV.

You may find other uses as well.
We would be glad to hear from you about this.

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