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 iFly Weight and Balance 5.8

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iFly Weight and Balance for iPad

iFly Weight and Balance for iPad is a paid service that is ideal for corporate and commercial operators and is extremely simple to use. American Aeronautics can create a weight and balance system for any aircraft. Each aircraft starting weight and cg is preset. This way you are guaranteed to have the correct starting point every time you do a weight and balance. All you have to do is add your passengers, baggage, takeoff fuel, and landing fuel. If you are out of limits, just adjust the various weights until you are within limits. It’s that easy! You will never worry about being out of limits again.

iFly Weight and Balance for iPad comes pre-loaded with one sample aircraft to demonstrate the app’s capabilities. A second sample aircraft can also be downloaded which demonstrates aircraft with complex fuel burn sequences. In order to use iFly Weight and Balance for iPad for your aircraft you must be a subscribed user. Contact American Aeronautics for details.

Please bear in mind that iFly Weight and Balance for iPad is not a generic weight and balance app that requires the user to enter aircraft specific data. Each individual aircraft is custom created by American Aeronautics to your exact aircraft type and serial number specifications and is licensed to you. We can create a system for ALL aircraft. Each aircraft is payable with a one time setup/design fee and a recurrent maintenance subscription. All pricing can be viewed at our website.

Once your aircraft is downloaded there is nothing for you to do but start adding passengers, baggage and fuel. The software is YOUR actual aircraft. There are no cg limits to program and no fuel moment data to enter. Once you have completed your weight and balance computation you can simply email a copy for your records.

All violations are shown visually. Are you too far forward? The forward cg limit will turn red. Are you over maximum landing weight? The maximum landing weight limit will turn red. Simply adjust your load until all limits are black.

Many aircraft have complex fuel burn sequences. The iFly Weight and Balance for iPad depicts the exact fuel burn sequence of your aircraft.

ATTENTION TO ALL FAR 135 OPERATORS utilizing (or wanting to utilize) operations specifications A097. iFly Weight and Balance for iPad supports curtailing of the CG envelope as prescribed in AC120-27E Appendixes 3 and 4. This is a requirement of A097 when using standard average passenger and bag weights. Contact American Aeronautics for details.

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