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 EscapeNow 1.1

Escape Now is an app that is born with a single clear intent, be close to you and help you in times of difficulty.
Children who leave and return late in the evening, students away from home, seniors living alone, hauliers, extreme sports practitioners (mountaineers, skiers, hikers, bikers, etc ...) are just a small example of potential users of this app.
In case of difficulty ESCAPE NOW will be your guardian angel.
Let us assume that we are the victim of an accident, of having an illness at home or on the street, of having lost ourselves during an excursion or of being in an evident state of danger, anxiety and fear could take over so much that we lose our lucidity not even allowing us to make a phone call to ask for help or not be able to communicate our position with certainty.
The speed and accuracy of rescue in these cases can make the difference.
In these cases ESCAPE NOW helps you, just press the HELP button and the app will send a distress call on your behalf, by text message simultaneously to the 10 contacts selected during registration,
containing your data, your blood type and your location geolocated.
Who receives your text message can contact you to lend you help but in case of missed telephone contact can reach you thanks to the geolocation and the map system.
Its operation is simple and intuitive; once the app has been downloaded simply enter your personal details, email address and telephone number (fixed and mobile) and blood group; authorize the app to use your location and select the 10 contacts to send the HELP via SMS.
ESCAPE NOW is free and always will be!

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