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 Cook's Convertor 2.19

The famous Cook's Convertor is the most important kitchen convertor and timer App that any cooking enthusiast needs!

Renewed for 2018-2019, Cook's convertor works on iPhones and iPad screens of any size, giving two side-by-side convertors or kitchen timers of your choice on the iPad. It will also work with Apple's slide-over feature so you can display webpages or your favourite recipes side-by-side with the convertor for extra convenience.

Fast and easy to use, Cook's Convertor does just what it says, does it simply, and does it well. No bloatware.

The Cook's Convertor is one of the easiest, fastest, most well designed, and most powerful free cooking conversion utility available for iOS.

1) Converts common volume, weight and temperature measures used all the time in cooking, in U.S. Imperial, U.K. Imperial and Metric.
2) Volume measurements include Cups, Tablespoons, Teaspoons, Fluid Ounces, Litres, Millilitres, Pints, Quarts, Gallons.
3) Weight measurements include Ounces, Pounds, Grams and Kilograms.
4) Temperature measurements include Fahrenheit and Celsius and even Gasmark for those old recipes!
5) Flexibly shows three separate conversion results (for example; Fluid Ounces, Cups and Pints) at the same time
6) Handles UK (Imperial) and US Volume measurements
7) Kitchen timers with 3 simultaneous timers to coordinate your cooking endeavours! Designed for real life by real cooks; the timers keep counting when they reach zero so you can see how much extra time something has been cooking for. Invaluable! (Timers require iOS 10 because Apple's notification feature requires iOS 10)
8) Easy and very fast to use with just a couple of touches to select conversions and measures.
9) Bright, clear, high-contrast layout that is easy to read, with everything in one place.
10) Includes length for good measure....pun not intended..;)
11) Ability to use common fractional quantities; 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4, 1/3 and 2/3.
12) Standing times for common roasted meats.
13) Awesome dual layout for iPads which gives two complete and independent convertors side-by-side for even more conversion flexibility
14) Useful multi-app support so Cook's Convertor can share the screen side-by-side with other apps.
15) Bonus new colour schemes for the flat era if you fancy a change from the default neon scheme ;)

The Cook's Convertor can also be upgraded with a single in-app purchase to unlock extra amazing features like:
1) U.K. to U.S. Volume conversions - for those annoying intercontinental recipes where volumes such as cups are different on each side of the Atlantic.
2) Substitutions list giving dozens of common ways of substituting missing ingredients in recipes
3) Volume-to-Weight feature giving independently verified conversions for over 120 common ingredients so you can directly weigh your ingredients.
4) Mathematical Keyboard which allows simple computations including combining quantities of different units

Extra help can be found at the support link:

If you like Cook's Convertor then please support us by giving it a rating or upgrading to the Plus version. If anyone has any problems or suggestions for other features or substitutions then please get in touch by email at support@meticulous-software.co.uk. Many thanks!

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