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 Codan XTEND 1.1.0

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Codan XTEND allows you to operate a Codan HF SDR radio via your iPhone or iPad. This provides you with additional mobility, and an easy-to-use interface.

It allows you to perform the following for pre-defined contacts that are programmed into your radio:
- Make and receive Selective and Emergency HF voice calls
- Send and receive HF messages (including in-link messages)
- Send your position to another radio, or request the position of another radio, and view these positions in Apple Maps (using cached maps if internet access is not available)
- Manually test an HF channel (Selcall only)
- Make and receive phone calls over an HF network via a 3033 Telephone Interconnect (https://www.codancomms.com/products/3033-telephone-interconnect/)
- Send and receive SMSes over an HF network via a SprintNet gateway (https://www.codancomms.com/products/sprintnet/)
- Send and receive SMSes and Web Messages over a cellular or satellite link via Codan Convoy

It allows you to use any voice encryption method supported by your radio, including Digital Voice at 2400, 1200, 600, 480 and 300 bps.

Your device, running the Codan XTEND app, can connect to your radio via a Codan Envoy SmartLink (https://www.codancomms.com/products/smartlink/) or via another Wi-Fi router. Access to the radio can be controlled by use of a user PIN, in addition to the standard Wi-Fi security mechanisms.

Up to a total of four smartphone devices, or standard control points (e.g. Envoy handsets/consoles or Sentry handsets) may be connected to your radio at once, although responsiveness and audio quality may be reduced if multiple smartphone devices are connected to your radio via Wi-Fi in an environment where there are a number of other active Wi-Fi hotspots.

Your radio must have the "15-10622 Opt Standard App" Sales Option enabled to allow use with Codan XTEND. Other features mentioned above may also be dependent on the Sales Options that are enabled in your radio.

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