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 Blockchain Witness 1.02.04

Blockchain can be used as your best evidence storage tool!
Using the latest technology, you can efficiently Collect, Store, and Verify evidence!

Don't go to court ending up remorsing over evidence not admitted in!
Evidence is treasure; self-preservation is good measure; eluding infuriation is pleasure!

Our most fear about digital evidence is that it could get lost, destroyed, or tampered with.
Even worse is when it cannot be recognized as evidence!

It is crucial to know Blockchain's main three attributes, allowing for:
Non-Repudiation, Tamper-Proofing and Permanent Preservation

And this is exactly what digital evidence is in need of, the most!

Features' Description:

・Four major evidence collection functions: Photo, Video, Voice Recording and Screen Recording
therefore, accommodates various types of evidence collection needs.

・Collection of Original Evidence:
Our programs' design do not allow file modifications by other software products, ensuring the authenticity of the evidence is fully preserved.

・Personalized Memos:
Record every detail about the collected evidence, not worrying about forgetting crucial details.

・Preserves to Blockchain:
Select and preserve evidences' digital fingerprints to Blockchain; Blockchain, through its consensus mechanism, uses each of its nodes to maintain all your valuable evidence material

・Verification on Blockchain:
Verify digital fingerprints to ensure the authenticity of the evidence material and to highly improve the confidence of the courts

About BlockChain Security:
We are deeply involved in the fields of security and digital forensics, having introduced the underlying Swedish Blockchain technology. We are constantly working with our technology legal teams to put together latest applications related to digital forensics, information security defense and Blockchain.

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