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 Trolleyst 1.0

You can choose if the list stays permanent and save it for the next time or make it “one-timer shoplist” and delete it after you’re done. Trolleyst is very intuitive and quick to use. But don’t worry! We will guide you in our first-timer tutorial just after you open the app.

Why choose Trolleyst?

We know you value your precious time, so are We! This is why we are coming across with the application that will change your shopping experience forever. Shopping doesn’t have to be unpleasant obligation. and it doesn’t have to convert your trolley into (emotional) baggage. Trolleyst organises your choices and gives you an option to choose how you want your lists be organised.

“Well… maybe… but what else?” - you say. And yes! There is so much more you can do with Trolleyst. Let’s say you have irresistible need to make a beautiful, gooey, moist chocolate cake. Or a pie you remember your mum used to bake to treat and cheer you up (you hungry little monster you!). 
Trolleyst helps you with creating a custom name of the list i.e. “Mums sweetest potato pie”. Mmmmm sounds delicious right? You can simply create a recipe list where all the ingredients will be listed.

“And how to deal with products I already put in my physical basket?”. We thought about it as well! You just easily tap taken product and it automatically goes to “The Basket”. And that’s it! You are ready to take your shopping home. hm… We mean after you pay…
You can decide what to do with the list later on, either you want to save it for the next time or deleted this “one-timer-sin” (yes, we mean this chocolate cake. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, with us your secrets are safe, we do not expect you to eat our Cookies with that privacy polices aftertaste).

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