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 Lnkits Nearbuy 1.0

What is Lnkits Nearbuy?
Lnkits Nearbuy is one application with idea to help you to find the good nearby places for shopping, eating or relax wether you are at home or on travel in Myanmar.

Right now, we are just beginning with extremely few services. If you like this product, we hope you could help us to bring her (Lnkits Nearbuy) to more and more fancy and good stores owners in Myanmar. It will be really helpful to land out this nice product for this beauty country.

Moreover if you as our customers like her, we will expand nearbuy services to other Southeast Asia countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

Specially, what does Lnkits Nearbuy do ?
As customers, you could easliy find nearby local stores for shopping, eating, relaxing or some healthy or beauty services for your enjoyment. When you check-out, if you are their member, all you need to do is just to show your QR code for payment and get rewarding points in return. Sometimes, you might get some lucky discount as well. And, of course, you could order product from nearby stores for home delivery as well.

As store owners, of course, in Myanmar whatever it is big or small, you are extremely welcome to join our platform and program. You will be able to build up your own on-line store(s) in few clicks. You could put your stores pictures, address, operation time, and diversified products or services over there. It is the new way to get more customers attention sooner. It is new way to server your neighor better like delivery to door services. And, it is all for free with Lnkits local cusomer supports. We are going for win-win model in commmision based. We are going to work with our partners together to offer customers better shopping or relaixng experience in their daily life. We are going to make Lnkits Nearbuy in customers daily life to find your favored nearbys.

If need help, where can I find Lnkits Nearbuy?
We do love to hear from you. We treat these as careness and attention. We will give feedback at earliest possible.
Like us on FACEBOOK: facebook.com/LnkitsNearbuy
Mail us via: Service@Lnkits.com

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