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 AccuShop 3.1

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AccuShop is a simple yet very powerful shopping list assistant. No pictures or prices or coupons or features that just get in the way of shopping. This is an app that allows you to make your shopping list fast and easy. You setup a store, usually grocery store, but it can be any type of store. You provide the list of items you typically purchase, and indicate their category (eg. Dairy, meat, etc.), the Aisle they appear in the store, and where they can be found in your home.

In the app, you can view your list organized by Aisle for easy shopping, by Category or Location for easy "List making". Switching between views is instantaneous.

Aisle: Where the item is located in the store. Could be a number (like 3) or a name like "Bread" or "Fish". It can be anything that helps you locate the item. You can sort the Aisles by the order you go through the store.

Category: Up to you how to categorize the items. Make as many or as few as you like. Whatever you need to help organize your shopping needs. You can change them around at anytime - rename them, move items back and forth until you get it just right.

Location: This is meant to indicate where you keep that item in your house. When I make my shopping list, I go section by section and see if I need anything from my master list. You can organize this anyway you wish.

AccuShop remembers when you last purchased an item and you can specify approximately how often you purchase that item - Always, every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc. AccuShop can then, if you wish, start your new shopping list off with the most likely items you will need to purchase (like Milk or Bread).

AccuShop will also keep track of how often you purchase items. After a about a month of usage, it will start predicting items that are "due" for purchase.

You can also sort the list by name, number of times you purchased an item, frequency of purchase or by the date of last purchase - very powerful tools to help you find items you may need in your home.

AccuShop is easy, fast and fun to use. It takes the pain out of making up your weekly shopping lists and makes shopping a little more fun - or at least, a little less frustrating.

You can specify the order items will appear in each Aisle or Category or Location and AccuShop will leave it that way for you.

Give it a try! Suggestions for improvement welcome!

One more thing.... You can also email your shopping list (all items, or just those on your current shopping list) to yourself or a friend. It is sent in CSV format which looks really nice when opened on an iPhone or it can easily be imported into a spreadsheet program (like Excel) if you want to do some of your own "analysis" on your shopping habits.

You can even share the entire Store file with another person (or yourself) and import it directly into AccuShop. Great for archiving, backup or sharing your great store setups with your friends and family.

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