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PROZATA is a networking mobile application that helps in giving or asking references within your social network by synchronizing your phone contacts, Facebook and Google accounts. With Prozata, you can reach your known links for products and services required and in turn your links can reach or refer you for products and services that you can provide them. The concept is TRUSTED REFERENCES THROUGH NETWORKING.

• About Prozata

In our day to day life, we are always in need of something or the other.That could be a new photocopier machine for the office, planning a holiday with family, hiring for an opening in one’s organization or looking for a reference in an organization for an opening. The list is simply limitless. And for all this, the most trustworthy and oldest method is reaching out to your own network- friends, family, colleagues and acquaintance.

Prozata has taken this ages old concept of asking or giving references and transformed it into a mobile application adding today’s technological landscape into the equation of the traditional way of referencing within one’s network.

• The advantage- what does the app do?
Prozata supports by adding purpose to your network and making it all the more resourceful and efficient.
With Prozata, you can rely on your network for getting things done. Things which your friends or their friends can do for you and inturn also prompting you for things you can help them deal with.
The top but not-the-only advantages of being on Prozata are:
• Get reliable and trusted references for your needs from your network.
• Let your network bring you more opportunities in work.
• A clear and impactful profile which allows people to know you and your capabilities.

Prozata is a social networking application which is “more than Like, Comment and Share!”

• Should you have it?

This app is for everyone! For a student who requires good tutors and coaching classes to a fresher who is out there looking for internship to a self-employedwho is looking to increase customer base to a person looking for a new job opportunity.
Everyone, at any age, keep requiring something or the other constantly and have their network on whom they can rely on for fulfilling these requirements. Prozata helps you in just doing that!

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