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 RikenMon's Nature Guide 3.2

A field guide with European animals on your phone!
Birds, butterflies, mammals, bugs, spiders, snails, snakes and lizards! Animals you can encounter outdoors while hiking, skating or on your bicycle, and you don't want to bring your books while doing this. So this wealth of information can be on your phone with all photos preloaded so it will work anywhere!

What the App offers:
- Over 850 animals of Europe with 4500+ high-quality photos.
- Multiple photos and a short description of every animal.
- Categorised by birds, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians, mammals and bugs.
- Further search criteria specific to each category.
- Easy viewing of look-alikes and allied species
- One year free uploads of new and updated information from our website
- Pre-load photos into your device so you can use the app without internet access and improve the speed.
- Add personal notes to tag specific animals.
- Watch all photos full screen, get access to best resolution directly from our server.
- Layout design for smartphone use, the device you always have to hand.
- Animal names are shown in German, French, and Italian.
- When we have location data on the animal, you can filter, to see only animals in a particular area. In the details screen, you will see where these animals normally are.
- Access to our Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance download speed.

So, what animals are in the app? All European animals of this App are in our web application at www.nature-guide.info

How does it work:
- After a purchase of the App, you need to get the photos on your device.
-The photos take less than 500Mb (0.5Gb), and you need this amount of free memory on your phone.
- Goto the last tab and load per category.
- Afterwards, you can regularly check (in the App) if new animals or photos are available.​
- The magnifier is your search tool.
- The I at the start tab will give you an information​ screen.

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