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 Flitto - Translate & Learn 20.4.16

25 languages supported

The translator that 10.3 million users of 173 countries use

◆Newly launched proofreading service◆
Real-time native speaker's proofreading service has been added.
▶Real-time foreign languages proofreading by native speakers
From diaries written for practicing foreign languages to business emails, use Flitto anytime you need proofreading!

◆ Flitto currently supports 25 languages ◆
Korean, English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, Turkish, Tagalog, Dutch, Swedish, Malay, Polish, Czech, Swahili, Finnish


From daily conversation to work-related purposes
Editing foreign languages by native speakers
Practicing foreign languages
Now you can get translation and editing services and even study foreign languages with Flitto!

◆Which type of translation are you looking for?◆


You can translate texts/recordings/or images in real time!
Similar sentence examples are also provided.
A mine of translation data enables easy and accurate translation


If you are not satisfied with auto-translation, ask human translators! Over 2.9 million translators who have passed the Flitto translation test will provide accurate translation upon requests of texts/recordings/or images.


Enjoy famous social media accounts through Flitto!
You can translate the contents or enjoy the contents in your own language.

◆Are you a linguist?◆

(1) Translate in our platform

Are you confident in a foreign language? Work as a Flitto translator now. If you pass the level test of each language pair after signing up, you can earn points by translating.

(2) Participate in Arcade
Try transcription or answering questions in foreign languages.
Experts in the foreign language will personally correct the questions you got wrong! Answer questions and earn points.

◆ Newly launched proofreading service! ◆
(1) Real-time proofreading by native speakers
You can confidently write in foreign languages.
If you ask for proofreading, native speakers will correct your writing in real time.

▶Selectable authorization: Flitto can be used without consent

Microphone: for translation through voice
Photo: for translation through the images saved in the device
Camera: for image translation
Alert: Receive alert that is essential information for using the service such as translation request notification
Location: more adequate translation can be provided using user location data


If you have any inconvenience while using this app, please contact below information;

You can receive a faster and more detailed reply than you can get in the Play store review.

Customer service email: help@flitto.com Customer service tel: +82-2-512-0142

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