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 DevExpress Xamarin Gallery 1.2

DevExpress Mobile UI for Xamarin.Forms includes Data Grid, Scheduler, Chart, Pie Chart, Tab View, and Drawer View controls so you can easily visualize and shape data in your next cross-platform smartphone or tablet application. All controls were built from native iOS elements to ensure maximum application performance. While the two predefined themes allow you to switch between dark and light modes, you can also customize each individual control’s appearance as required.

Data Grid capabilities:

- Fast cascade data updates
- Automatic row height
- Automatic column generation based on data fields
- Data editing support
- Multiple built-in column types (text, numeric, date, image, and Boolean)
- Template column allows you to create custom cell viewer/editor
- Fixed (frozen) columns
- Sort data against multiple columns
- Group and filter data (in code)
- Enable totals and group summaries (in code)
- Pull-to-Refresh and Load More capabilities
- Swipe actions

Scheduler capabilities:

- Recurring appointments
- Day View
- Work Week View
- Week View
- Month View
- Appointment Editor

Chart capabilities:

- Fast chart rendering with hardware GPU acceleration
- Performance tested on large data sources (5-20 millions of points depending on the target device)
- Optimized for real-time data updates
- End-user zooming and scrolling
- Series and point selection
- Exploded points support for Pie and Doughnut charts
- Customizable appearance for all chart elements
- Customizable Axes, Legends and Series Point Labels
- Hassle-free data initialization for all frequently-used types, including DateTime, Numeric, Qualitative and Financial (Open, Close, High, Low)

Tab View and Drawer View capabilities:

- MVVM-ready - bind tabs to a custom object collection
- Configurable tab headers
- Configurable drawer header and footer

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