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 Book Enoch (Multi Language) 1.1

Now available The Book of Enoch is an application designed with multiple languages ​​to make it more accessible for users to read the passages mentioned by the author (Enoch), Enoch Book Works without internet.

It is part of the canon of the Bible of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church but is not recognized as canonical by the other Christian Churches.

According to Moses, Enoch was one of the original patriarchs and lived before the flood.
After having lived in the fellowship of God, Enoch was taken from heaven, and the scripture says: "So Enoch walked with God, and disappeared, because God led him (Genesis 5:24)

Book of Enoch works without internet consists of several parts. These parts are:

-Book of Judgment
-Book of the Watchers
-Book of parables
-Book of the change
-Book of dreams
-Enoch and Apocalypse Letter

Book of Enoch Free, talks about the adventure of Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah; on his trip to heaven, to be able to ask for mercy towards God, regarding fallen angels and demons.

The Book of Enoch assumes the continuity of the discourse of the prophets and anticipates the Christian message, emphasizing the coming of the Son of Man. It is an expression of apocalyptic literature as the hope of the humble.

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