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Learn how to cook in your kitchen with the help of a live instructor. Vonnie will connect you via livestream video to one of our qualified Vonnie Instructors. They will walk you through how to cook the meal you’ve chosen, making sure you learn the necessary skills and methods to take your knowledge to make other meals in the future.

Vonnie will connect those who need to learn how to cook, in order to save money and eat healthier, with those who can teach them vital cooking skills and lessons. Learn the cooking basics, and you'll be equipped for a lifetime of cooking delicious meals.

Confidence and creativity in the kitchen is the one of life’s most important skills. A strong knowledge of different cooking methods and skills will help you eat healthier, save money on groceries and dining out, and cultivate a tight community with family and friends.


*Virtual cooking lessons, streamed live from your kitchen
*Structured curriculum with lessons for specific cooking methods that accompany each meal
*Preview recipes, what cooking methods and concepts you’ll learn
*Add ingredients for your meal to shopping list
*Have a complete meal to serve and enjoy at the end of each lesson
*Purchase individual lessons or entire modules from within the app
*Request assistance from a Vonnie Instructor, via livestream video
*Track your progress of lessons completed in each module
*Copy of livestream video from past lessons, if you need to review
*Give feedback to your Vonnie Instructor
*Personalized, 1-on-1, virtual cooking lessons
*Like “learning from your grandma in your own kitchen”
*Get 1 lesson FREE when you purchase entire module


Skirt Steak with Creamy Risotto and Spinach Salad
How to make risotto
How to grill skirt steak
How to prep spinach salad

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes with Homemade Blueberry Syrup
How to make homemade pancake batter.
How to make homemade fruit syrup.
How to make & use a cornstarch slurry

Company Pot Roast with Mashed Potatoes

How to sear beef roast
How to slice an onion
How to make perfect mashed potatoes

Fried Chicken Strips with Homemade Drop Biscuits
How to pan-fry chicken tenders
How to prepare and make drop biscuits
How to saute fresh spinach leaves

“Like a FaceTime cooking lesson, I love it!” - Lori B.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can find us via website and social media.

Thanks, and happy learning to cook with Vonnie!

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