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 FOOEVER - Local Food Everywhere 1.0.3

Fooever is an online market place and app for food, helping ”Fooders” (providers) to get matched to ”Foodies” (buyers) by keyword filters and/or geolocation. They rate one another after the payment, to stimulate quality. This new way of facilitating for people to get the food they want (diet restrictions, ethical decisions) or need (allergies) is welcomed by very many different groups of people and will revolutionize the way we trade food.

Let’s face it: people eat differently. To fulfil and match the wants and needs with the supply, we could either invent many apps, or just one. The best thing of inventing one, is that there are scale advantages. If someone in London has apples in her garden, they could be seen by the members of ”garden leftovers” (potential non-existing app). But by only posting it there, they could miss out on the interested members of ”vegans trading”, ”locally produced vegetables and fruits”, ”London trading”, etc. So instead of posting it in several apps to gain as much interested audience as possible, we recommend one: Fooever. Before lots of apps for food start to gain market share (and many of them might be too small to succeed) Fooever aims to show all food in one solution and let the filters do the match. Exchanging the apple example above to any other food type (dish or ingredient) we would find that different target groups are interested.

Fooever is hosting a platform for Fooders and Foodies where food is sold locally to the end consumers without crossing larger food chains. With the help of filters (origin, type of dish, type of food, allergy friendly, preparation time, made at Fooder’s or Foodie’s, etc) and geo-location, Fooever matches the Fooders with the Foodies in one single solution. A payment solution is included, which helps pre-ordering and administration. Also included is a rating system, to reward quality and help great Fooders with great food gain more interest from Foodies.

Fooever is for both food professionals and people who have food interests to market and sell their food, and to gain new potential customers by using the right key words (for the filters to match). The idea applies to everyone from the local tomato farmer to the seafood buffet caterer to meat sold directly from the hunter.

The groups of people interested in this new way of buying food, are primarily people with diet restrictions (allergies or certain diets to keep a better health) or ethical standpoints regarding what to eat (locally produced, vegetarian, fair trade, etc.). It is also people who want to help integration by buying food from immigrants, or want to save money or the planet by buying left-overs from restaurants’ lunches or their neighbour’s dinner or crops from the gardens in their vicinity. A secondary group consists of people who want to save time by preordering and prepaying for their meals. Depending on what is important to the Foodie, she uses the equivalent filters to find the matches within the area from which she can consider to buy it.

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