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 WordPlay Battle Edition 1.1

Wordplay by Improv Battle Edition
Host epic rap battles. A Platform for organizing and hosting freestyle rap battles that lets the audience score rappers on difficulty and style. Rappers take turns issuing a challenge of up to 10 words that are not quite randomly generated. There is a Practice mode for generating words and challenging yourself.

Battle Flow
• Signin your audience and players
• Explain your rules
• Words in the challenge are displayed on all devices to be checked off as they are used
• After each play the audience scores the effort using slide bars.
• Winner and scores are displayed after each round and entered into the leaderboard.

The audience enters play with their own code and rappers sign in using a different code. Up to five rappers can battle at once.

Two types of battles.
1. ROUNDS: First player to win the set number of battle rounds wins the war.
2. POINTS: Good choice for strategic battles. Points are determined by the number of words in each challenge. Whoever wins the round gets the points. First to reach the set number if points wins the war.

After each player delivers their lyrics they are scored by the audience. When everyone has a turn the host releases the results to be displayed on every device showing average scores for all players.

The DJ host controls every aspect of the event.
• introduces and interviews the players
• comments on a players effort
• works up the Audience

Future Enhancements
• Ability for the audience to input their own words list for the challenge
• Link leaderboard stats to players site
• Include beats
• Additional language editions
• Controls the battle’s tempo

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