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 Calypso Score - Sheet Music 5.5.2

Most Calypso users appreciate the scores in the powerful Songbooks viewer and consider the fake book support (aka Real Books) a nice addition. However, jazz musicians consider the fake books viewer to be the best part of Calypso. It allows you to quickly select the best sheet music from all of your fakebooks out of 10,000 compositions.

This feature-rich music score tool provides you with some unique capabilities:

• the animated two-page layout of your music scores as you play
• no page turnings required and no distracting scrolling
• assign an original recording to your score and
• easily sync the music with your score - tap on a bar to listen to the music at that bar
• playback the music at a slower tempo for practicing and/or change the pitch


• with support for many popular fake books, you're best prepared for the next session - better than your old gig books.
• Calypso also knows 100+ Aebersold PDFs. Assign your play-along to the music score and learn the jazz.

Please note that Calypso does not provide you with fake book or Aebersold PDFs!


• put all your music sheets into your iPad
• organize your scores into pretty looking songbooks
• make setlists and mail them to your bandmates
• record your practices and play it back to your teacher
• annotate your teacher's hints or your conductor's instructions
• take a photo of new scores right at your rehearsal


The unparalleled feature of Calypso Score is the animated two-page layout capability. Thus your iPad is even better than your paper sheets: when you have to jump back or ahead over several pages, Calypso Score automatically does layout the sheets in such a way, that you may see the bars both before and after the jump! Watch the demo at www.calypso-score.com.

Calypso Score is designed to do a really good job without the need for external page-turner devices. Calypso Score also supports both Bluetooth and MIDI devices, though.


You can assign music from your iPod library and easily synchronize it with your music score. Thus you tap on a bar of your score to hear the music at that bar. Sync your play-a-long music with the scores. Or simply scan your school book and sync the scores with its included audio CD.

You can record your music as you play on a gig or during your practicing. Then, as with synced audio, tap on any bar to hear the recording at that position.

Even better, you may playback any recording at a slower speed and/or change the pitch. This is a great feature for practicing with play-a-longs.


Organize all your sheets within songbooks. Easily and quickly make setlists. Name your sets. Rearrange your sets. Quickly mark your songs with colored labels. Annotate your scores with text, drawings, and many musical symbols.


But, there is one more thing ...: Calypso Score knows many popular fake books (aka Real Books)! Scan your own fake books or get a copy of them from the many sources in the net and import them to Calypso. You then have direct access to all titles of those PDFs. You may also search for a title within all your fake books.

You can easily adjust existing indexes to your PDF in case of missing or additional pages.

Or make an index of your own PDF files.

(again: no fake books are provided for obvious reasons)


Everything in Calypso can be shared: the music scores, (synchronized) recordings, complete songbooks, setlists, and your own PDF indexes. Share over iCloud, Dropbox, WiFi, Bluetooth, iTunes or mail.

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