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 BTR AMP 4.0

BTR AMP is the premier alternative app to the native iOS Music app for organizing and listening to YOUR music collection. We've been waiting years for someone to build it... we got tired of waiting... so we built it.

BTR AMP is the best app to organize YOUR music collection
- seamless presentation of YOUR music as a single library
- support for music located within BTR AMP and your iTunes Music Library (1)
- familiar, clean, modern iOS 13 look and feel including iOS 13 Dark Mode
- support for all popular lossless, lossy, and Hi-Res audio file formats (MP3, M4A, M4B, MP4, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, AIF)
- search by name or browse your library by genre, artist, album, composer, or song
- track Favorite songs, albums, artists, genres, and composers
- Documents screen - file management operations (rename, move, delete) for files copied into BTR AMP
- display of media codec info (e.g., "MP3 320 kbps" or "AAC 320 kbps" or "FLAC 1400 kbps") for songs and albums
- large media library support - only constraint is the amount of storage on your device
- metadata tag editor for all relevant tags - ID3, iTunes, etc.
- cover art both displayable and editable throughout the app
- consistent touching, swiping, and long pressing actions throughout the app
- full support for the iPad's larger screen

BTR AMP is the best app to move YOUR music onto and off of YOUR iPhone/iPad
- built-in Windows SMB client (downloads and uploads) - connect directly to your Mac/Windows/Linux computer from BTR AMP
- WebDAV HTTP transfer - connect to BTR AMP over WiFi from your Mac/Windows/Linux computer
- iOS Files App integration - "On My iPhone/iPad" under "BTR AMP" - your music files are not trapped inside of BTR AMP
- Airdrop and iOS Sharing - Share from other apps into BTR AMP using "Copy to BTR AMP"
- iCloud Drive
- iTunes File Sharing

BTR AMP is the best app to listen to YOUR music
- 10-band equalizer with 20+ presets
- complete play queue management
- Play Now, Play Next, and Play Last actions available everywhere throughout the app
- play queue editing (re-order and remove)
- save the play queue as a playlist
- shuffle and repeat (one song, entire play queue, or none)
- configurable seek backward and seek forward buttons in player (default to 10s back and 30s forward)
- Bluetooth and AirPlay
- background playback, control via lock screen, headphones, Bluetooth car stereo, etc.
- low battery consumption

(1) Music either purchased on the iTunes Store (2) or imported via iTunes on your PC/Mac)

(2) BTR AMP currently offers "experimental" support for playback of iTunes Store purchases with DRM or located in the iTunes Store CLOUD


News, bug reports, and feature requests for BTR AMP should be directed at the following:



BTR AMP is a membership service with a free one-month trial. The free trial requires signing up for the monthly or yearly subscription. Cancel at least 24 hours before the trial ends to avoid regular monthly or yearly membership subscription fees. If you absolutely love BTR AMP, purchase the Infinity Membership as a one-time purchase! All memberships allow unlimited use across all of your devices.




We have put thousands of hours into creating BTR AMP and plan on putting thousands more into making it the only music player app for iOS worth using. We read every single one of your reviews. If you enjoy using BTR AMP please take a minute to leave us a nice review, thank you!

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