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 Word Fight - new spelling game 1.3.1

Word Fight is an exciting online English word spelling game which is suitable for all ages. It is innovative, brain burning, and addictive for spelling bee.

You are about to compete with other three players by spelling words! Each players own 30 letter cards. In the first round, you will be given 8 letters and a public letter. You should make a word with your own letters and the public letter. After you play the word, the same number of letter cards and a new public letter will be given to you next round. The first player to get rid of all cards wins the game!

Try your best to make words as long as possible to build your advantage! Your vocabulary will help a lot to win the game, but having a flexible strategy is important as well.

Word Fight has a very innovative rules which is simple to understand and addictive to play with. The gameplay of Word Fight is greatly different from traditional crossword and scrabble games. You will enjoy a lot of fun of word search and word find competing with friends.


▶ PLAY FOR FREE with players across the world. It is a special, healthy and addictive word spelling game to play with friends, parents and kids, teachers and students!

▶ UNIQUE & EXCITING WORD BOARD GAMES EXPERIENCE: with a given shared letter and 8 letters for all players, you will compete with other threes to make words within limit time. It is time to test your English vocabulary and brain.

▶ ACCESS 60,000 NEW ENGLISH WORDS. Our dictionary includes over 60,000 English words. Can you do word search in your dictionary in mind quickly and make a word in 40 seconds? Play and exercise your brain with the BRAND NEW, incredibly addicting spelling game NOW! It will greatly improve your response capability on spelling, vocabulary and word skills dramatically.

▶ EASY TO LEARN: 216 card deck including flip cards and combo cards. You can start playing this wonderful word scrabble game immediately!

▶ ENJOYABLE PARTY GAME: There are 3 chances to change your card to make word. You also can choose to skip a round to wait for next opportunity. These features make the game as robust and enjoyable as possible, and challenging for average player, word finder, word maker and word master.

How to play Word Fight:
Game Start
Each player gets 8 letter tiles at the beginning of game. You are going to use these letter tiles to make words with the given shared key letter.

Game Rounds
A single game is divided into 8 rounds. Each round 4 players shares a 40 second time to make words with both their letters in hand and public letter from the system.

Make a word
Tap or drag letter tiles into forming area to make a word. You are free to arrange your letter tiles during the time.

Play the word you made!
Play the word you made with your own cards and the public letter. The first player to get rid of all 30 cards wins the game!

Switch Tile
For each game a player has 3 chances to switch a letter in hand with any letter they want. Drag a letter into the Switch Tile area to switch it!

Tap the Skip button to skip a round if you can’t or don’t want to make word in this round.

Word finder? Word master? Spelling bee? Already an accomplished Wordie? Ready to try a brand new word battle game? Don’t wait! Download NOW for FREE.

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Email: word@oranges-game.com

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