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 Spelling Go! 0.0.6

Spelling Go! is a very simple, unique and challenging spelling bee word puzzle game with 4000+ unique puzzles and more coming. The goal of the game is to guess the word formed by the scattered letters or alphabets on a grid and then form a single spelling flow or link by connecting the letters in sequential order starting from the first letter and ending at the last letter and cover all the squares. You can use single finger to connect letters to form spelling flow or link and solve the puzzle by guessing the word.

Rule of Game:
- Guess the word formed by scattered letters or alphabets.
- Use a single flow or link to connect all the letters starting from the first letter and ending at the last letter in sequential order.
- Cover all squares on the board.
- If stuck, you can use hints to determine your next move.

- 2000 free word puzzles of varying difficulties from easy to very challenging ones
- 7 different board sizes from 3x3 to 9x9
- 12+ different word sizes from 3 letter words to 15 letter words
- Additional 2000 puzzles of varying difficulties are available for purchase
- 5 free hints
- Additional hints available for purchase
- Several achievements that you can earn by completing various word puzzle packs and different challenges.
- Leaderboards with daily, weekly and all-time player rankings where you can compete against your friends and other players. The faster you complete a puzzle with minimum moves, the higher score you will get.
- Ads can be disabled by buying any word puzzle pack or hints.
- Two color themes for day and night mode.

It is a simple fun word puzzle game for both children/kids and adults looking to challenge their brain and IQ and are also looking to improve their English vocabulary. All the levels are designed to progressively become difficult. Also all the words are hand picked. The words used in this game are commonly used words in international English language proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS and the United States National Spelling Bee contests. So if you like to improve your English vocabulary for TOEFL and IELTS then Spelling Go! is the perfect word puzzle game for you.

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