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 SNL - Snake aNd Ladder 1.2

Snakes and Ladders is a simple board game played with a board and dice. The game is a battle between players to reach finish point. It’s an exciting race contest based on sheer luck. A snake imposes a player to return to a square closer to the start. A ladder provides a short cut to a square closer to the finish point.

Enhancements over a typical snake and ladder game:

- Different sizes of boards from 6x6 up to 10x10.
- Bonus points allow players to strategize anytime during the game to go back and forth on the board.
- Instead of dice there is a spinner which gives nice feel to the game.
- Funny sound effects and background music.
- Player’s names can be customized during a game.
- Speed of the spinner can be increased or decreased.
- Can be played vs iPhone or multiplayer. Up to 4 players can play in a game.
- Total 10 different board options. 5 simple boards and 5 pro boards (spin on 6, surprise on star, again spin, 1up, player swipe).

**Pro stages description**

- Spin on 6 (6×6 pro):- When there is number 6 on spinner you will get another chance to spin and can chase faster to the finish point.
- Surprise on star (7×7 pro):- When you reach a square with a star sign, you can get surprise with star value which is from -5 to 5 to go back or forward with respect to that value
- Gain spin (8x8 pro):- When you reach a square with a spin sign, will get another chance to spin and move forward on the board faster.
- 1up (9×9 pro):- When you get 1up in the game it's a chance to save yourself from falling by snakes using this.
- Player swipe (10x10 pro):- This is the most interesting part. When you reach a square with a swipe sign,This allows you to swap your position with a player who is at a higher position on the board.

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