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 Slime Maker Cooking Games FUN 1.3

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Messy fun with Slime Maker Recipes!

Cooking is good, but making slime recipes is better! And here in Slime Maker recipes Game, we show you exactly how to make them at home and on your phone so you know it’s twice the fun with half the mess!

Here’s what you’ll need to play along at home:

- Bowl
- Spoon
- Tooth Paste
- Glitter
- Foam
- Glue
- Corn
- Borax
- Water
- More Glitter
- Cooking Oil
- Food Coloring

Anything else you want to throw into the mix because with slime, there are no rules!

But if you don’t have any of these things, it’s okay, because the first thing we gotta do in Slime Maker is get down to the shops and grab ourselves all the ingredients we need!

We even get you to scan in all the products like it’s your very own shop – when do they ever let you do that in the grocery store?

Do you know what’s fun? Looking at all the things we can add to our slime recipes – would you believe we’ve even got plushies to throw in there?!

But we don’t want any old product, we want fresh produce for our slime because it’s top of the range! So, get yourself out to the farm and cut down those corns!

When you’ve got everything ready, time to go home and start making slime!

Throw that corn into the mixer and get it all blended into a nice, gooey, sticking mess. Then add some water and borax to make it real slimy!

I like to put some of my dad’s shaving foam in there – as long as he’s not watching! And then I slip dome toothpaste in for a minty fresh smell.

Glitter always makes a slime look pretty – pretty messy! And once the glitter is in, time to stir it all up into one giant, gloopy, icky, sticky slime blob!

Stretch it, squish it, roll it, pinch it – cover it in oogly eyes and funny faces – it’s your slime, do whatever you want to with it!

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