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 Shape Scoot 1.0.4

Shape Scoot is the perfect shape shift game choice for a light game of fun and excitement among shape games. You can spend hours and hours on this shape swap shaping the jelly, one of the best launches of 2020! This shape shift game Suitable for all age groups. Change shapes. Change sizes. And do these both together! This shape run game is a real challenge. Players can go for the free version in the shape shift game first and purchase the NO ADS version later once they try out the shape twister. Just be careful not to slam your jelly against the walls while you play the shape shift game. You can play as much as you like and collect as many stars as you want. Use these stars to buy different eye types and hat types that add even more excitement to the shape run play in the shape shift game. Sounds simple, but this one is a great jelly shifter 3D upgrade compared to its competitors from the previous years. This jelly shape shift game helps improve concentration and attentiveness with its scientifically designed background and visual graphics that get registered in the mind very easily. So what are you waiting for! Come and download this shape change game today. I am sure you would love the 100 levels of absolute challenges that get tougher and tougher as you progress the shape swaps in the shape shift game.

How To Play:
* Press the play button on the shape shifter and shape twister to play once you download the shape shift game.
* The jelly starts moving ahead automatically in the jelly shifter 3D platform.
* Shape the jelly to pass obstacles by swiping left or right.
* Change size of the jelly to pass obstacles by swiping up or down in the shape run of the shape shift game.
* You get stars as you pass levels on this shape shift game.
* Use stars to get eyes and hats, which help increase your life in the shape shift game.
* Avoid touching the walls as that means game over in the shape shift game.

Game Features:
* Shape Scoot is a shape shift game or a shape change game.
* Shape shift game is not addicting, but is a cool timepass.
* Shape shift game has got 100 levels that get increasingly harder as you move on.
* In the jelly shape shift game, jelly shape swap and transform into a square, triangle or a circle.
* The jelly can change the size with the shape shifter to fit into the obstacles along the passage of the shape shift game.
* The walls are kind of game-over boundaries, avoid slamming in the shape shift game.
* The shape shift game is equipped with cool audio visuals that keep you hooked to it for hours without feeling monotonous.
* Shape shift game is suitable for all age groups.
* Pass the levels to earn stars in the exciting shape twister.
* This is a jelly shifter 3D game.
* Pause and restore your shape shift game from where you left off easily.
* There is an option of No Ads paid version to enjoy the shape shift game without obstructions.
* Pro Version Subscription of the shape shift game not only disables ads, but it also unlocks eye types and hat types.
* Shape shift game is compatible with all leftest iOS versions.
* The jelly shape shifter game is lightweight for a quick download among shape shift games.
* Write back to us for anything you want to get added to this jelly shifter 3D shape shift game, and our development team would like to implement if feasible.

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