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 Pixel Quiz - Word Guess Game 1.1

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Test your puzzle solving skill! Guess the picture in this word guessing game.

Pixel Quiz – Word Guess Game is a fun addicting game where you have to view a pixely picture and try to guess what it is. If you love picture word guessing games, Pixel Quiz is perfect for you. The images can depict anything and we provide hints if you can’t guess the picture correctly. Are you ready to test your puzzle solving skill? If you do, download this addictive picture guess game now and start playing!

Pixel games are very popular nowadays. Many people are looking for the next awesome pixel game to play in any genre, whether they are RPG, adventure, or daily puzzles. Pixel Quiz is a very unique picture word or picture guess game. In Pixel Quiz, we don’t present you with clear pictures – that will be too easy! Instead we present you with pixely images, then you have to guess what the image is. It’s a very cute pixel picture game for kids and adults. Kids can learn to recognize objects and to spell. Don’t underestimate our wordguess because it is also very challenging for adults, especially at later levels. If you think you have an outstanding puzzle solving skill, you should definitely try our picture word guessing game. We guarantee you’ll enjoy our fun addicting game and you will never stop playing our fun game for adult until you’ve solved all the questions.


• A cute pixel picture guess game for everyone.
• 100 high quality pictures divided into 5 Stages.
• Images from various themes and subjects.
• Use Hints or Depixelate the image if you are stuck in this pixel game.
• Very simple to play but challenging to master.
• Get more coins and gems at our Shop. You can even get FREE gems and coins.
• Solve daily puzzles to keep your brain sharp.

How to play our cute pixel picture game:

1. You will be presented with a pixely image.
2. Your task is to guess the picture by filling the blanks with the correct letter.
3. Tap on the letters to fill in the blanks. If your guess is correct, the app will automatically tells you so. You don’t need to click Submit.
4. Tap Clear to clear the spaces.
5. The image will be automatically depixelated once you’ve answered the question correctly.
6. You can spend gems for Hints for maximum three times when you fail to solve the wordguess question.
7. You can spend coins to depixelate the image.
8. Unlock the next level by finishing at least 15 questions in current level.
9. Need more Coins and Gems? Get them at our Shop!

You can even get FREE Coins and Gems by watching ads.
How to use Hints to help you when you’re stuck in a wordguess level?

- There are three Hints available for each question.
- The first hint costs 1 Gems and will show information about what the object is about (animal / place/ things / anything you can think of).
- The second hint costs 1 Gems and will put two random letters in the blank spaces.
- The third costs 1 gems and will show you the real image for a blink of an eye ( around 0.1 seconds).

If you want to play a really fun game for adult with daily puzzles to keep you entertained and your brain sharp, look no further. Download Pixel Quiz – Word Guess Game now! It’s truly a fun addicting game for everyone!


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