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 Neurocuber 1.2.1

NEurocub3R brings you innovative 3-dimensional puzzles built upon the classic rotating cubes concept and adding a completely new twist and challenge. Match colours and close links by rotating, shuffling and twisting various cube combinations. Complete each puzzle and reach 100% to fully decipher the Neurocube and open the path for new puzzles.

Every time you start a puzzle the combination is different, with endless solution possibilities and a challenge that never fades. Every time you close a sequence of colours or links they are replaced with unpredictable new colours and links. No known routes, no pre-determined outcomes, no linear journeys, no algorithms – it’s your mind versus the Neurocube.

Every time you decipher a puzzle you open routes to multiple new innovative puzzles. If you get stuck in a particularly difficult path, simply move over to another unexplored path and continue your saga. And if you decipher a puzzle particularly well, perhaps hidden paths might open for you giving access to secret levels or creating shortcuts to advanced parts of the matrix.

Built with the most advanced 3D gaming tools in the market, providing superb visual and sound effects in a futuristic high-tech environment. Relax and dream as you play the game of choice of the next evolution of humans. Slick, responsive controls and smart interface allow your mind to connect with the Neurocube as if your brain had been uploaded to the cyber world.

Ξ Let your mind decipher the Neurocube Ξ

COMPATIBILITY: iOS 10+ required. Optimised for iPhone 6S, iPad Air2 and later devices.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: This game displays flashing lights and special effects that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Player discretion is advised.

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    20. 10. 2019

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