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 Math for kids - Number Learning 1.0.0

****** explanation ******
Math is a simple game for preschoolers that made learning numbers and math skills. And the foundation of critical thinking. This is a fun game Entertaining anecdotes and lots of math games to make children. Enjoy mathematical figures without feeling bored. He will teach your kids math games. How to count Including the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more that the game is very simple. The math game for kids is a boon to education for children. Because the games count game is designed in a way that is innovative in presenting children. Also free on the Android platform, the game also connects knowledge to children in the world's collective knowledge to arrive at the number of positive figures divided by the number and listen well. Games for Girls This is a game about numbers missing in the game. In addition, the game will also help children who are learning to count with the potential to make learning more than ever before. Brain to learn, remember and think critically. The math will help your children start learning math is excellent.
****** ****** Content in each age
- Age: 4:
Children ages 4 and 5 will find age-appropriate to meet their game for the math: counting coins, logical sequence number 5 and number of associations set number of coins.
- Age: 6:
Children aged six and seven practice math: add a logical sequence without removing the coins and regroup later without removing the assembly.

- 8 years
From the age of eight games include math Calculation of double-digit increases. Mental math subtraction, times tables, multiplication, division and more complicated logic follows.

****** What children learn math from this game. ******
Listen to the speech
reading a number of English.
Positive numbers from 0-9
subtract a number from 0-9
multiplier number from 0-9
dividing number between 0-9

****** ****** Kids how to play the game.
download this game on the mobile phone of your child.
into the game by selecting the icon for the game. Or see the name of the game and click on the icon to log into the game for this.
Press the play for children to enter the mode of playing games for children.
select the desired mode for the game.
When the game players can choose another mode immediately.

The highlight of this game Math ****** ******.
Easy to play, because it is only 0-9.
The quotients not reasonable.
Use color as a child can memorize more.
Make it colorful and fun to play.

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