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 Incompetent Alchemist 1.1

[Story background]
I am an alchemist...
Very incompetent...
I was dissuaded from the alchemy school.Because of I couldn't find a job, I have to go to the next-door town...
I haven't eaten for three days...
Can I make a living here?

[Mixed roguelike mode]
Roguelike combines with pressing business mode to detonate the operation of each game, and each game has a new experience!

[Abundant alchemic products]
69 finished products of 4 alchemic elements are arranged and combined. You never know what the next customer wants!

[Various materials]
More than 100 kinds of different alchemic materials have different effects. Reasonable arrangement and fuse of alchemic materials can make you go further!

[Customers of all kinds]
Different customers have different personalities. How do you meet their needs and adapt to their strange personalities?

[Various random events]
Every day there will be different random events occur, each has unexpected prosperity or adversity!

[Increasing difficulty]
Each game will become more difficult as the number of days increases. We should make rational use of our resources to ignore them!

[Out-of-game talent systems]
With the talent system, you can pre-arrange the material library and upgrade the properties, making each game more powerful!

[Contact information]
QQ Group: 42189171
E-mail: singleboystudio@163.com

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