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 Hungry Alligator Attack Simulator 1.1

Waves of angered and hungry crocodiles approaching – alligators, gavials, caimans – so you and your gun are the only hope of peaceful swimmers! Save the day and beautiful girls in bikini with Alligator Attack Simulator 3D!
Be ready for ultimate hunting and survival shooting adventure - Hungry Alligator Attack Simulator 3D game! Face the challenge that no hunter had faced before - just shoot to stay alive at this crocodile hunting simulator! Hunt or be hunted – hide in the tall grass, aim in tender spots and make these powerful beasts your trophy!
Keep your gun alert, something really big appears… Oh my God, it’s a T-REX! Encounter beasts that extinct in modern times – hideous Velociraptor, mighty Tyrannosaurus, and others! Shoot as fast as you can but don’t forget to reload your gun or time – or THEY could reach you!
Earn points to buy ammo, new weapons and unlock new hunting grounds! Aim through the optical sight of a sniper rifle, unleash the leaden rain with sub-machine gun or rush in close combat with a shotgun!
Your goal is to stay alive at this struggle against ruthless bloodthirsty crocodiles and save beautiful girls from inevitable death with Hungry Alligator Attack Simulator 3D game!
Hungry Alligator Attack Simulator 3D features:
Varies species of crocodiles and even dinosaurs as potential trophies
Wide range of weapons – guns, rifles and other
Unlockable locations filled with beasts
Two game modes
Survive at this dangerous coast full of wild crocodiles and dinosaurs, and become a master hunter with our app!

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    Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad
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    6. 4. 2017

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