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 Hit & Pop 1.12

Hit & Pop is a marvellous game where you will learn to shoot colourful bubbles in order to pass across levels. We've taken a classic bubble shooter, added enjoyable state-of-the-art physics and made the game endless. Your goal is to get as far as you can and collect maximum points. Collect golden coins and buy improvements for your gun and reinforcements in order to get even farther.

This splendid game is abundant with various obstacles like sharp-edged bubbles, stones, blistering lava bubbles, frozen bubbles. However, there is also a plenty of pleasing features: flowers that give you numerous points and coins, little bombs and glass bubbles that are easy to break into sharp shatters! Levels are changing all the way, and many of them are quite mind-twisting.

You will have to take aim with your gun to hit the bubbles of the same colour with your bubble. But you must remember: you can't drop your bubble, or you lose the game! The game control is really simple; even a baby can manage it. You have to swipe the screen with your finger in order to take aim, and then release the finger to make a shot.

Bubbles explosion is accompanied by beautiful animation and pleasing sound. This is so relaxing and allows you to concentrate and gather your thoughts on an uneasy day. Having said that, Hit & Pop won't become a "time-eater". You can play for 5 minutes while waiting in the line, or for an hour when you are on the go or lying on a sofa at home listening to music. There's no "lives count" in the game, so you can play for as long as you like. And all of this is absolutely free!

In Hit & Pop you will find the following features:
* Enjoyable graphics and sound with vibration effect
* Classic game with state-of-the-art physics and new rules
* Colourful bubbles have unique symbols on them so that everyone can play Hit & Pop for free
* Play every day and wait for updates. Updates give you new levels, new game modes and new bubble types!
* The game requires no web connection via Wi-Fi. You can play for free even in the sombre forest!

And many more! Download Hit & Pop for free and start bursting bubbles right away!

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    98,45 MB
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    Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad
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    14. 5. 2020

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