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 Hello Hider 2.9

Hello Hider is a 3D hide-and-seek online game. It is positioned as IO puzzle type,multi-player online entertainment. The game is simple and interesting. Players are randomly assigned to two camps in the game: search team and hide team, hide team can be disguised as anything in the scene. The only goal is not to let the search team find you.

[Game Features]
- Multi Game Mode: Classic mode, Clone mode, Create room, Single mode, etc.
- Mocking Items: Scream chicken, Rubik's cube, Banana skin, Monster, Death badge, Forgive hat, Valuable candy, etc.
- Multi maps: Subway stations, Biochemical laboratory, Battle canyons, Shelters, Space station, Port, Alien base, Hotel, etc.
- Multi roles: Whiting, Owl, Explorer, Maid, Clown, Bunny, etc.
- Multi ghosts: Hen, Top Journalist, Evil spirits, Death, etc.
- Multi special effects: Ivan, Candy sweetheart, Resplendence, Jet, Fall, SCM/S, Royalty, etc.
- Abundant items: up to 60 to 70 categories per map.
- Twisted egg cube: items can be extracted to add to the random library, and the duplicate items can be retrieved to exchange the cube for the prize.

[Subsequent Versions]
- New map, New game mode
- New features: multi weapon effects

[Contact Us]
If you are interested or have questions about our game, please contact us!
Have a good game!

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    Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad
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    13. 5. 2020

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